Hazlo Stationary Adjustable Massage Table Bed - Black

 Hazlo Stationary Adjustable Massage Table Bed - Black

Hazlo Adjustable Stationary Massage Table Bed - Black

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This Hazlo stationary massage table is ideal for professional physical therapy, massage practice, bodywork practice, salon and personal home use requirements. Fully wooden structure with 2 section adjustable design.

Our gorgeous stationary Massage table provides the stability and long life that you expect from a stationary table and then some. The under structure of the table is set back from the table edges, allowing you to engage in better body mechanics and gain easier access to your clients. It is also equipped with a useful built-in storage shelf to store all of your massage accessories.

The structural system is made of high-quality beech hardwood which ensures professional strength. Its Lock Leg Adjusters allow you to raise and lower the height of the table while keeping it doubly stable and secure. 

Features and Benefits
- The expertly crafted hardwood construction ensures the stability and long life of your table
- The built-In storage shelf lets you conveniently store all your massage accessories
- The Lock Leg Adjusters guarantee life-long stability and security of your massage table
- Working weight: 1100lbs/520kgs
- Durable PVC material (Waterproof & Oil Resistant)
- Foam thickness: 5cm
- Size: L185*W70cm
- Adjustable Height: from 60 to 70cm
- Aluminium headrest

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