iSpin Mop Includes Bucket with Wheels - 360 Degree Rotation, Stainless Steel Basket

 iSpin Mop Includes Bucket with Wheels - 360 Degree Rotation, Stainless Steel Basket

Magic Spin Mop 360 - Stainless Steel and Trolley Model
Available in Blue or Grey Colour


ISPIN Magic Spin Stainless Steel, 360 degree Mop Trolley model is a great invention in the home cleaning industry. It has a mop, which rotates 360 degrees and thus reaches areas where your hand cannot reach. The flexibility of this mob lets it enter very small openings or even corners on the floor and clean it. It is a great investment, which makes life easier.

Materials and Finish
The handy 360-degree trolley mop is made of material which does not rust even after prolonged use. The plastic used in the product is of high quality and is not prone to breakage. This ensures that your mop is a good investment and it will serve you for years to come. The finish of this 360 degree trolley mop is very smooth. This makes it easy to carry around without worrying about sharp edges or rough ends.

Other Features
The bucket has a wheels. This makes it easier since you do not need to carry the bucket everywhere. Just drag the trolley and the bucket will follow you. The rinse tub lets you control the moisture and thus you can mop your floor without dirtying your hands. 

Product details
Quick drain Water outflow design. Empty water easily by simply pulling out the plug at bottom of the bucket
Bendable bucket handle with extend 
Stainless steel spinning basket for prolonged use
Bucket Capacity: 7.2L
Bucket size: 48 x 29 x 27
Pole thickness: 0.35mm
Microfiber mop head: 130G/pc
Mop bucket with 2 big wheels and soap bottle
Double function Dry and Wash
Includes: 1 Bucket, 1 Mop handle, 2 Mob heads
Colour: Blue Bucket, White Microfiber Head

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