Car Reverse Parking Sensor Assistant - Includes 4 Sensors and LED monitor - Black

Car Reverse Parking Sensor Assistant - Includes 4 Sensors and LED monitor - Black

4 Sensor Car Parking Sensor system with LED display


Parking sensor colour: Black




The Car Reverse Radar Sensor System helps to prevent dangerous and costly collisions that occur so easily when behind the wheel. It also helps provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians, and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle. Detect small Children and low walls as well.


A car parking sensor is a proximity sensor designed for vehicles to alert the driver whenever there is an obstacle while parking. The popularity of car parking sensor is rapidly increasing simply because a lot of people finds it really useful. Without car parking sensor there is a high possibility of damaging your car while you park because you can’t see clearly what’s going on behind your vehicle.


If you are worried about damaging your car every time you park your vehicle, you might as well consider installing car parking sensor. Nowadays, it is but usual for us to park in a congested parking lot. In that case, it is pretty much an effort to park your car without damaging it and other cars as well

It let’s you determine the space between your vehicle and the surrounding objects. Hence, you have full control on when and where to stop the car as you park. To put it simply, safety is the key benefit of car parking sensor.

In cases where your only choice is to park in small parking spaces, a car parking sensor can be your savior. It has a facility that allows you to park your car in diverse angles without denting it.
It safeguards your car and other travellers as well as car sensors are now available in several types according to the type of your vehicle.

Support 4 ultrasonic sensors.
Show the distance by LED.
Alert the obstacle’s distance by simulator
Warn by the sound of ‘BiBi’.
Waterproof anti-drizzle and quakeproof
Detection range is as far as 200cm from 30cm
Have probe self-checking function

1. Rated voltage: DC 12V
2. Working voltage: DC 9~16V
3. Working current: 30~180mA
4. Detection range: 0.2~2.0m
5. Ultrasonic frequency: 40 KHz

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