GSM Gate Opener Remote Relay Switch

GSM Gate Opener Remote Relay Switch

GSM Gate Opener Remote Relay Switch


The is a powerful remote relay controller, it is a very simple device which can be used for authorizing door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipment’s, car parking systems. Can be used in places which require to turn ON/OFF your system, machines, equipment’s remotely with a call from your mobile phone. Just dial from Authorized User number at the specified time then the Barrier and doors are opened, or the machine are turn on or off by the relay switch. There are no call costs, the relay switch rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF OPEN/CLOSE action. Moreover, the user can be authorized at the specified time to operate it, after timeout, will automatically change to unauthorized type

The relay switch supports GPRS communication function, very suitable for remotely monitoring outdoor cabinets and stations of telecom company, traffic origination, power supply company and so on. It can be authorized different repair person or maintains person to open the cabinets or stations at the specified time, saving time to get the keys for the locks and saving cost to repair or replace the locks while the person lost the key. And also, can remote monitoring the door is opened or closed, or illegal opened.

- Quad-band, can work in the worldwide GSM Networks;
- No call charges. the GSM Relay Switch rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring';
- Multiple applications. (gates, bollards, barriers, garage doors, shutters and access doors or machines);
- Secure - Using caller-ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored;
- Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit;
- Add or remove users by SMS Text command;
- No need to provide a remote control or keys for different users;
- Authorize up to 200 phone numbers to operate gate with specific time functionality
- One output with relay rating 3A/240VAC for connecting the switch of the door or machines;
- The relay action will return a SMS confirmation to the owner or authorized call in number, this function is editable by user;
- The relay close or open time is programmable;
- Smart phone APP for configuration available.
- Search GSM Gate Opener RTU5024 on Google play for downloading APP.
- APP or SMS command
- Operate from anywhere anytime, no distance limitation
- Time limitation for access, to control only during pre-set time period

- Remote open/close swing/sliding gates, doors, shutters, garage doors, locks with a free call!
- Residential: Door, gate, garage access control, electronic fan, microwave, air-conditioner control.
- Industry: Remote switch equipment, for example: street lights, solar power, motor, inverter, PLC, pumps, fans, etc.
- Agriculture: Remote control pumps, etc.
- Business: Remote control electronic boxes, bright billboards, LED signs, etc.

How it works?

A) Wiring the Gate opener with your door locks or other machines.
B) Insert SIM card to RTU5024 Gate Opener, Power up.
C) Send few SMS commands to RTU5024 Gate opener, to assign the authorized user list.
D) Make a phone call from the authorized user's phone number, Gate Opener reject phone call and door open or close.
For example, If you are using the GSM gate opener for open/close your garage door by your family members, what you need is just 2~5 SMS commands only.

GSM Frequency: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Relay: NC/NO dry contact,3A/240VAC
DC Power: 9-24VDC/2A
Power Consumption: 12V input Max.50Ma/Average 25mA
SIM Card: Support Standard SIM Card
Antenna: 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range: -20 - +60 °C
Humidity range: Relative humidity 90%
Exterior dimension: W102mm x D76mm x H27mm
Net Weight: 180 g

Useful tips
- The default Password is 1234.
- You can program the RTU5024 with SMS commands using your phone. It is safe to do so because in
addition to the fact that other people may not know the number of the SIM inserted in it, we also use a Password that makes it impossible for others who doesn't know it, to access the system by chance, and all the action will be recorded.
- The relay output will change the close or open status every time it receied a call in from an authorised number, i.e. the first time a user call it, it will close the relay to switch on the lock, if the second call in is in the setting time, then the unit will ignore the setting time, and open the relay, to switch off the lock.
- Remember that commands must be CAPITAL LETTERS. It is AA not aa, EE not Ee etc. Don't add
spaces or any other character on the SMS commands.
- The pwd in the command means the password, like 1234 or 5000 if you changed.
- If the RTU5024 used for gate access only, all you need to do is to change the default password and add the authorized numbers.
- If you cannot call to control the RTU5024 or cannot send or receive any SMS message from it. try to add + in front of the country code or the phone numbers
- For security purpose, the RTU5024 will NOT return any SMS if command error, so please make sure and check the SMS Commands, or add the country code before the telephone number or check the input is in ENGLISH INPUT METHOD and CAPS LOCK, and no space on the command content.

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