Nine Stars 49L Automatic Motion Sensor Touchless Stainless Steel Kitchen Dustbin

Nine Stars 49L Automatic Motion Sensor Touchless Stainless Steel Kitchen Dustbin

 Nine Stars specializes in trash cans and accessories for the retail, medical, food service, and education industries. Sold in over 30 countries worldwide, the company's innovative and award-winning products feature high-quality materials, including commercial-grade stainless steel, ABS plastics, and the latest in infrared motion sensor technology. Its mission is to incorporate biotechnology to make life cleaner and more convenient for consumers everywhere.


There's a place for both garbage and recyclables in the Nine Stars Touchless Stainless Steel Home Trash Can. Offering a durable design and state-of-the-art technology, the infrared motion sensor detects when your hand is within 25cm near the lid. It opens and allows you to throw out garbage, and then closes automatically when you remove your hand. The sensor is located at the top of the trash can, and motion must be above the sensor in order to activate the lid. Durable stainless-steel construction provides a classic look, easy clean-up, and protection from rust and water damage

Product details
Primary Colour: Silver
Capacity: 49 Liters
Product size 33.4cm×33.4cm×72.7cm (approx.)
Power source: 4 Type D batteries (not included)
Lid opens automatically and remains open when your hands are detected
Lid will close 3 seconds after your hand moves away on this stainless steel trash can
Trash bags fit the stainless steel touchless trash can (Trash bags not included)
Nine Stars Motion Sensor Slim Touchless Trash Can is touch-free and very easy to use
Safe and convenient
eliminates cross-contamination of germs
Stainless steel body is durable and easy to clean

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